Flora & Co about

At Flora & Co we bring you products by artists and makers from around the world. We endeavour to support our fellow makers by providing a market place to discover unique items for you and your home.

The products: Most items fall into at least one, hopefully more of these categories: handmade, ethically made, sustainable. With an abundance of passionate and talented people, there's every reason to find what you need while still caring for each other and the environment.

The people: We are a friendly team of two couples. Candice and Daniel are artists and collectors with a passion for travel and spending hours in their home studio. Tarryn and Tim are young home and caravan renovators and very resourceful in creating timber masterpieces from (almost) thin air. And Candice and Tarryn are sisters!

Early 2016 we decided it was time to pull together our wide ranging skills, experiences and shared love of beautiful objects, in Flora & Co.

Please feel free to say hi at hello@floraandco.com.au.